Pizza Toppings

Pizza Toppings


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Julienne Ham (Supertop) 1kg, Ham Stamp (Supertop) 1kg, Salami (Supertop) 1kg, Spicy Pork (Supertop) 1kg, Spicy Beef (Supertop) 1kg, Princes Sweetcorn 325g, Smokey Bacon (Supertop) 1kg, Pepperoni (Supertop) 1kg, Spicy Meatball (Supertop) 1kg, American Sausage (Supertop) 1kg, Spicy Chicken 1kg, B.B.Q Chicken 1kg, Chinese Chicken 1kg, Chicken (Plain) 2.5 kg, Sliced Mushrooms 2.5kg, Anchovies 320g, Olives A10, Sweetcorn 1.87kg, Riverdene Pineapple Pieces 3kg, Jalapeno Tub 2.7kg, Halal Pepperoni 1kg, Halal Spicy Beef 1kg, Halal Turkey Julienne1kg


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